CallWorxx is a wholesale call termination and SIP trunking provider based in Asia offering three levels of low-cost services through direct interconnections and termination options in real time. We provide calling solutions for wholesale termination, call centers, sales teams, corporate businesses and SMEs around the world on an efficient, modern and scalable network with the best quality termination services on the VoIP market today. You will have at your disposal the highest possible levels of call quality and easily installed on your IP-PBX account with its flexible options within minutes.

Companies have been rapidly switching to full IP-based systems and continue to do so to provide improved efficency, reduce communications costs and eliminate expensive in-house hardware, management and IT costs. There is also the advantage of scalability and remote access for employees to access the network on the move from anywhere in the world. We will give you or your customers access to leading rates at the highest premium quality for thousands of global destinations by connecting you to our Tier 1 network.

In summary, CallWorxx provides you with:
Efficent, stable, low-cost call termination services
Highest levels of call quality and clarity
A system that is easy to install
Over 500 fixed  and mobile direct routes
1,000 carrier interconnects
Routes to over 60 countries
24/7 proactively managed QoS that measures jitter and route stability
Immediate activation and low rates
Full suite of management tools

If you are looking to optimise your communications costs while at the same time achieving the highest levels of stability and call quality, then CallWorxx is the perfect solution. We provide efficient, stable, direct IP routes and have many years of experience in the business of offering VoIP solutions to our customers. We are also able to offer you unparalleled interconnects for international voice traffic and each hub is equipped with a Session Boarder Controller, F5 Load Balancers and a Call Routing Platform that together form a SIP signalling protocol on our core VoIP network.


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