• What is SIP Trunking?

    A SIP Trunking solution enables you to upgrade to IP technology and to leverage your existing internet connection, with the flexibility and scalability to add enhanced calling features. SIP trunks can carry voice, instant messages, multimedia conferences and many other SIP-related, real-time communications services.

  • How Does it Work?

    CallWorxx's SIP Trunking solution provides a direct connection between your organisation and our IP PBX that offers substantial cost savings and better communications. SIP Trunking has for quite some time been a hot topic in the field of unified communications and the environment it operates in has been built on a reliable, carrier-grade network.

  • Can I Keep my Existing PBX and Combine my Offices and Remote Users?

    Yes, CallWorxx's SIP Trunking allows you to reduce your line costs and per minute charges and all users, wherever they are located, can participate in a single system, including the ability to dial any other user's extension.

  • What are the Benefits of SIP Trunking?

    By switching to SIP Trunking you can simplifying your organization's communications, helps collaboration and offers substantial cost savings. Long distance calls can be significantly reduced, together with substantial cost savings from reduced complexity, maintenance and administration.

  • Can I Get International Phone Numbers?

    Yes, we have virtual VoIP telephone numbers in most of the world's countries and cities. Please contact us to request your DID phone numbers.

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