Wholesale Direct inward dialing, or DID, numbers are local telephone numbers for a country or city that can be contacted via our network to benefit businesses by the ability to call at local rates. DID numbers also allow outbound calling from your computer or smartphone and are especially useful when calling from head office to staff on the road. We provide local phone numbers from over 65 countries and thousands of cities worldwide.

Today's voice communications is a dynamic environment and we place high value on sourcing DIDs and local telephone numbers for our customers' VoIP communications. We have assembled an infrastructure that has been designed in a reliable, efficient, cost-effective and scalable manner and are continually expanding our international DID coverage to enhance the value of this service to meet industry standards and improve our business-driven solutions.

One of the major benefits of using DID numbers is that every incoming call is routed to an assigned extension and thereby bypassing a telephone operator or auto-attendant. DID's also allows customers to get in touch with a particular person or department without any restrictions and all incoming calls are dealt with efficiently and can be received concurrently. Calls may also be automatically directed to voicemail.

Wholesale pricing plans at low rates
Buy local numbers for your business
Over 65 countries and thousands of cities
Automatic DID provisioning
Wholesale pricing plans
Flexible routing options

For an example of the utility of DID numbers, let's say a customer regularly calls one of your representatives from an international number, they will be able to reach you and pay local call rates. So, if a customer in New York wants you to call them from Hong Kong at long distance rates it will be very costly. However, if you purchased a US DID number, you could call any customer from a local US number at local phone rates.

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