SIP Trunking on your existing IP PBX equipment is the ideal way to improve and evolve your business communications model that can be used to take full advantage of the latest VoIP technologies and features. All traffic from multiple locations are routed into a central site with a SIP trunk so as to avoid dedicated voice connections at each location. This gives businesses, flexibility, scalability, business agilty, value creation, innovation as well as affording you significant costs savings. Plus, calls between locations are free.

SIP Trunking is the vehicle that utilises that lastest level of enterprise communications as there is no longer any need to incur capital costs and expensive in-house maintenance as you can use your existing PBX. SIP Trunking is receiving a lot of attention for businesses as it is a key enabler towards smarter communications and collaboration.

It is not just a platform for making quick savings on your voice communications, other benefits accrue to all businesses that utilise unified communications planning. SIP Trunking makes communicating more efficient as it simplifies administrative systems, saves on infrastructure and maximises bandwidth. Although the cost cutting benefits are important, the real enabler is that it provides greater productivity and space for innovative practices.

The benefits of SIP is that it results in capital and expenses savings, increased flexibility, whereby multiple interconnections can be consolidated into a single trunk. In addition to extensive UC capabilities, SIP Trunking for corporate businesses and SMEs also provides these companies with enhanced services and features.

Evolve your business communications model to benefit from the latest technologies and features
Add flexibility, scalability, business agilty, value creation, innovation to your business
Reduce your capital costs and expensive in-house maintenance
Drive your business forward by smarter communications and collaboration
Utilise enhanced services and features with SIP Trunking

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